Less covering, chic and feminine, Jolies mômes tangos fit your curves all in suggestion.

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Tanga bottoms Jolies mômes: highlight your femininity

Check out our lingerie online store: the woman tanga fit Jolies mômes. Coming from Brazilian fashion, the tanga is an elegant derivative of the thong. The fabric covering part of the bottom and add a touch of sensuality and glamor. The Brazilian tanga allows women to be sexy and elegant while suggestion, which is the keyword of the JM house. Appeared in the 80s in France, it has today become an essential piece of lingerie. Glamorous, practical and comfortable at the same time, the brazilians of the Jolies mômes collection are made in different high-end materials and limited edition: lace, flock velvet and silk to meet the expectations of women looking for femininity and confidence under their clothes.


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