The Jolies Mômes Woman

The Jolies mômes woman is youthful and bubbly. She is elegant, colorful and athletic.

She likes having fun and playing with her clothes.

She loves the 70s and recreates staple looks from rock’n roll icons of that era with silk kimonos, pearl necklaces and headscarves.

She improvises and becomes a femme fatale with her lingerie. 

She wears a silk top with Calais lace or a bodysuit with a pair of jeans.

She puts on a retro printed kimono to get ready.

In a sheer top, she is more charming than ever.

“The name Jolies mômes comes from a famous French song from Léo Ferré that my parents would play at home all the time. The lyrics "T'es tout' nue sous ton pull..." [you’re naked under your sweater…] perfectly fits my vision for what lingerie should be: we should fall forget we’re even wearing underwear."


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