Let’s protect mother earth starting with our underwear.

A sustainable and ethical lingerie brand, yet sexy, qualitative with a designer touch … look no further !

« Jolies mômes is an incredible adventure I started without knowing it. It started with a strong desire to share my commitment to quality, ethics and transparency, before even thinking about a product.»


European Sustainable Fabrics

  • Second skin mesh
  • Calais Lace
  • Embroidery
  • Silk crepe and muslin
  • Microfiber

Alice Pecatte has been designing lingerie and homeward pieces from existing fabrics since 2013. The textile industry being one of the most polluting ones, Alice understood early on that reviewing our consumption habits was necessary.

A bohemian and rock’n roll vibe transpires from every collection, usually inspired by a piece of music.

Upcycling to avoid overproduction. We buy our fabrics on existing stocks from luxury brands, Pur collections are thus limited editions.

Discover our creations and start changing your consumer habits.


Upcycling is not creating something new with old rags”, it’s avoiding throwing away things that are still useful when some imagination is just needed to give it a second life.

Alice’s eye and know-how give life to exclusive Designer pieces.


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